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Showa Denko Materials Co., Ltd. has adopted Cu electroplating tool for the Packaging Solution Center

Hello! I'm TZ of sales department.

We have delivered copper (Cu) electroplating equipment for trial production evaluation of FO-WLP and FO-PLP to the Packaging Solution Center of Showa Denko Materials Co., Ltd.

We are focusing on the development of electroplating equipment for FO-WLP (fan-out wafer level package) and FO-PLP (fan-out panel level package), for which demand is expected to grow in the future. I am grateful for this opportunity.

Let me explain why we were able to have such an opportunity.

Initiatives of Showa Denko Material’s Packaging Solution Center

The Package Solution Center is a open lab for prototype development base that is established by Showa Denko Materials (formerly Hitachi Kasei) with the aim of providing optimal solutions for cutting-edge packaging technology in the field of semiconductor packaging collaborating with material and equipment manufacturers to evaluate their materials and equipment.

In cutting-edge CPUs and memories installed in laptop computers, servers, smartphones, wearable devices, etc., the transistor miniaturization is progressing, and the wiring width has reached 10 nm or less. Such semiconductor chips are connected by soldering to the motherboard, with chip terminals formed by a multi-layer wiring technique called semiconductor packaging.

Next-generation communication standards (5G) have entered the stage of widespread use, and semiconductor packages are required to achieve fine wiring with excellent mechanical and electrical characteristics that can handle unprecedented high-frequency and large-capacity data communication. In order to meet the strict demands of the market, it has become essential for material manufacturers and equipment manufacturers to work together to solve the problems.

In order to evaluate various materials for semiconductor package applications, it is necessary to form copper (Cu) plated wiring using a real electroplating tool. That’s why we are requested to design and manufacture the tool.

Market demand of FO-WLP and FO-PLP are expected to grow in the future

FO-WLP (Fan Out Wafer Level Package) is a process method that realizes a thinner package. It is possible to connect different types of chips with a re-distribution layer (RDL) without using a conventional organic substrate(substrate-less), and it is applied for high-performance smartphone application processors. In addition, the development of a manufacturing process using FO-PLP (Fan Out Panel Level Package) aimed at reducing manufacturing costs with a panel size using rectangle shape substrates with an area larger than that of a 300 mm wafer has become active.

Requirement for Tosetz’ electroplating equipment

We provide development, design, manufacturing and after-sales service for electrolytic plating equipment and electroless plating equipment for manufacturing processes such as magnetic devices, high-frequency electronic components, and three-dimensional semiconductors (3D-ICs). We have also delivered multiple units of automatic transfer type electroplating equipment for large size rectangle shaped substrates, which have excellent in-plane uniformity and high-speed plating of 3 μm / min to electronic device manufacturers.


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