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Deaeration system

Product Line-up

We have the best deaeration system for your process,

we will propose the most cost-effective tool according to the customer's application.


Stand-Alone type


Basic Specification

■ Medium   :DIW, Chemical

■ Flow rate       :10~25L/min

■ Vacuum pump:Installed

■ Temperature  :Max.40*

■ Filter           :0.2um

■ DO meter  :Option

■ Solution transfer pump      :Option

■ Size       :450(W)x340(D)x1315(H)

*There is an option for temperature up to 120.


Compact type


Basic Specification

■ Medium   :DIW, Chemical

■ Flow rate       :5L/min

■ Vacuum pump:Option

■ Temperature  :Max.40*

■ Filter           :Option

■ DO meter  :Option

■ Solution transfer pump      :Option

■ サイズ    :180(W)x125(D)x300(H)

About Tosetz's Deaeration system

Nitrogen gas and oxygen gas, which are components of air, are dissolved in ordinary pure water. Dissolved gas in pure water is removed by decompression or gas-liquid separation method, and degassed water generated by controlling the treatment conditions is used to improve the quality and yield of existing processes in various fields.

Bubble removal
Defoarming in chemical
​Removal of adhering 

air bubbles
Serface modify​
​Wettability impove
Blind via plating
Wettability improve

to deep trench
Improvement of Ultrasonic efficiency
by DIW/Chemi
Oxidation deterioration prevention 
Improvement of corrosion resistance property 
No need to change
existing process

Just connect to piping
Small footprint
1Pass degassing

Tosetz's Deaeration system is applicable to various purposes
on industrial products, foods, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, etc.

1.Removal of air bubbles that cause false detection and noise 
     of ultrasonic endoscopes and microscopes

2.Removal of air bubbles that cause false detection of fluid

     visualization with a high-sensitivity camera

3.Removal of air bubbles that cause false detection and noise

     of liquid-borne particle counter

4.Removal of air bubbles in high-viscosity liquids such as

     gelatin and collagen

​5.Plating solution: Improvement of film thickness uniformity by

     removing air bubbles

Bubble removal


1. Improved cleaning power after machining (polishing):

      Particle reduction

2.Improvement of cleaning power for sputtering tool's jig, etc. :

     Particle reduction

​3.Photoresist stripping liquid degassing:

     Improving resist stripping power

Ultrasonic efficiency​


1.Cleaning after plating of corrosive plating materials (Fe, Co,

     Cu, etc.): Improvement of corrosiveness

2.Post-machining cleaning of corrosive materials:

     Improved corrosiveness

3.Photoresist stripping after laminated pattern plating:

     Galvanic corrosion prevention

4.Deoxidized storage water after coating and CMP:

     Galvanic corrosion prevention



1.Electroplating pretreatment improvement:

     Bubble removal, no plating improvement

2.Improvement of electroless plating pretreatment:

     Bubble removal, improvement of no plating

​3.Blind via hole plating treatment:

     Removal of air bubbles adhering to holes,

     improvement of no plating

4.Wettability improvement for substrates:

     adhering air bubble removal, improvement of detergency

5.Improved plating jig wettability: Improved cleanability

Serface modify
Wettability impove


1.Direct degassing of Au plating solution:

     Long-life by preventing oxidation (deterioration)

2.Direct degassing of Copper plating solution:

     Long-life of additives by preventing oxidation (deterioration)

3.Direct degassing of amine-based photoresist stripping

     solution: longer life by preventing oxidation (deterioration)


Please contact us for consultation on other applications.



Principle of Tosetz deaeration system

Deaeration water is a liquid that dissolved gas concentration is reduced by removing (controlling) nitrogen gas and oxygen gas, which are components of air that dissolve in normal pure water,

by decompression or gas-liquid separation method. Our deaeration system is a system that can degas more efficiently by depressurizing the hollow fiber filter with a vacuum pump, and it is possible to control the degree of degassing according to the application.


hollow fiber filter

Gas(O2,N2,air bubble)


A system that decompresses the entire hollow fiber module of a thin tube with a large surface area by depressurizing


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