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Wet process tools

Product Line-up

Most suitable equipment from three types of wet processing method for a wide range of applications can be proposed according to the customer's application.


Cleaning tool

      ■ Alkaline cleaning

      ■ Water-insoluble cleaning

      ■ Surfactant cleaning


Resist Strip tool

      ■ Resist stripping

      ■ Lift off

      ■ Coater cup cleaning


Metal Etching tool

      ■ Selective etching

      ■ Control etching

About Tosetz's Wet Process Tools

We have a wide range of lineups such as alkaline cleaning process, resist stripping process, wet etching process, and pretreatment improvement. We mainly provide dip-type tool that is excellent in performance, productivity, footprint and cost.

Chemicals selections
Providing demo, experimental data
Small footprint
Efficient equipment with batch processing
Empashis on
Safety laws
Fire service, Organic solvent, Enviromental
Tool Startup
Initial process application
support by process enginer
Initial & running
cost reduction
Optimization of chemical consumption 
and life


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