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Tosetz Inc. Representative Director


The commitment of our company and executive management is to provide our customers highly advanced reliable products, technical engineering services and the utmost customer support. The mission of Tosetz is to extend this ideology as the company grows into other fields by developing unique equipment for device manufacturers. Our company policy empowers "Continuous growth in innovative technical and application solutions" necessary in achieving our internal goal of "Creating New Customers". Our increasing install base is a testament of our pledge to product quality and our vow to customer support.

Tosetz provides two unrivaled products, Electroplating Stations and Gas Abatement Systems. The technology designed into our electroplating stations set the standard for thin films such as Permalloys, Cu and Au, just to name a few, used in the manufacturing of advanced Hard Disk Drive (HDD) recording heads and Ni and Cu used in semiconductor device manufacturing process. Potential customers have recently expressed an interest in our electroplating technology for the manufacturing of advanced electrical components, TSV and MEMS.

Our patented Gas Abatement system operates using only water, an affordable and novel technology that offers significant performance advantages while also protecting the environment by recycling waste water.

Tosetz has aggressive plans to expand its electroplating technologies into new markets and applications such as the plating of ultra-thin films and to drive continuous improvement initiatives to further lower utility cost and increase tool utilization of its gas abatement systems while continuing to preserve the environment.

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