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Received PO for magnetic electroplating tool from a magnetic device manufacturer in U.S

Hello! I'm TZ of sales department.

We have received an order for multiple magnetic electroplating equipment from a magnetic device manufacturer in the United States.

As a plating equipment manufacturer for magnetic alloy plating thin films deposition process on the order of submicron to several micron, we have been providing face-up type electroplating equipment: TEAM Series for hard disk drive (HDD) manufacturers for the past several decades. We are very grateful that our products can be used by customers not only in Japan but all over the world.

Let me explain why our plating tools were chosen by the customer.

"Film thickness uniformity / composition uniformity" important for magnetic film plating

In the manufacturing process of magnetic heads, there is a process of forming a magnetic thin film by electroplating, and severe film thickness uniformity and composition uniformity are required.

Magnetic film plating is an alloy plating consisting of iron, nickel, and cobalt. Variations in plating film thickness and alloy composition have a great effect on product characteristics. Therefore, when controlling the plating film thickness, it is necessary to precisely control the distribution of the plating current. It is also important to take measures to prevent corrosion of the plating film, especially when it contains a large amount of iron. In addition, keeping the composition of the plating solution constant is also essential for quality control.

The reason why Tosetz became No. 1 in the HDD industry

There are four reasons why we have been selected by customers in the HDD industry for a long time.

1.Experience in installing mass production equipment for various magnetic film plating

2.Corrosion prevention technology for highly corrosive plating films

3.Achievement of film thickness uniformity, ± 2%

4.Stable mass production with anti-oxidation function of plating solution and automatic control system

After-sales service and process support after equipment installation

After-sales service is the most worrying matter for customers after purchasing the equipment. It is natural for overseas customers to be more worried than domestic customers. Therefore, we have implemented remote access and succeeded in significantly improving the response speed for troubles and modifications. Customers were pleased with the fact that it was no longer necessary to take the time to visit the site from Japan to respond.

Furthermore, we are now actively hiring process engineers, and we are able to propose process improvements not only in the plating process but also in the processes before and after that, aiming to be a high-level engineer group who can solve various problems that our customers have.

Application fields of magnetic thin film plating - Key technology in the era of IoT, trillion sensors

Magnetic thin film plating is applied in various fields such as electronic compass of smartphones, image stabilization of cameras, and flight direction control of drones.

The smartphone has a built-in electronic compass. There are several types of electronic compass, such as Hall element, GMR, and TMR. In any of these methods, a magnetic convergencing plate is placed near the sensor for the purpose of amplifying the extremely weak geomagnetism so that it can be detected. Although placed in, magnetic plating is also used for such applications.

As for magnetic sensor products, we have a large number of delivery records of electroplating tool: TEAM for mass production factories of domestic electronic component manufacturers.


What do you think?

I hope everyone can remember that "magnetic film plating" = "Tosetz"!

If you have any problems not only with magnetic film plating but also with TSV Cu, Au, Ni, and other electroless plating, please feel free to contact us.

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