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"Livalley", a strong ally for removing air bubbles in Copper-plated via

Hello! I'm TZ of sales department.

It has been two years since we promoted the new product "Livalley", which was released in 2018. It has gradually become recognized by many customers.

Recently, a demo evaluation was conducted on a production line of a certain PCB(Printed Circuit Board) maker. The degassing system succeeded in greatly improving the problem that bubbles remained in the vias by removing dissolved oxygen contained in pure water used for Cu plating pretreatment rinsing at a very low cost. By improving the product yield, we were able to expand horizontally to the customer’s other factories in Japan and overseas.

Don’t you have the following problems? :

“The air bubbles in the via cannot be removed and the plating does not work well.”

"Yield improvement is required, but can it be improved by an inexpensive method?”

In this article, we explain how to use "Livalley", which is effective for removing air bubbles in Cu-plated vias. Please take a look.

"Bubble residue in vias" faced by many people in Cu plating

Demanding for multi-layered and fine printed circuit boards (PWB / PCB) used in smartphones, wearable devices, laptop computers, etc. Even in wiring processes by copper plating, extremely strict quality is required in terms of thickness uniformity, smoothness, adhesion, and void-less filling of the substrate.

In the Cu plating process of a general build-up printed circuit board, via filling plating is applied by the effect of the additives of the plating solution, this customer had the problem that bubbles in the vias (holes) cannot be completely removed in the pretreatment of plating.

The equipment cost for degassing (defoaming) a large substrate was expensive

In the degassing (defoaming) treatment for a large substrate, the conventional ultrasonic treatment and vacuum treatment require expensive equipment cost. However, we have succeeded in greatly improving the problem of air bubble remaining in the via at a very low cost by the degassing system that removes the dissolved oxygen contained in the pure water used for pretreatment rinsing.

The Tosetz’ degassing system is inexpensive, compact, and easy-to-use that can simply connect to existing equipment, the effect can be verified in advance by our demo tool

The Tosetz’ degassing system Livalley has a compact design and can be easily connected to the existing production equipment. In addition to lending a demo tool, we can also visit on-site to cooperate for the verification.

This makes it possible to generate pure water from which dissolved oxygen has been removed at a low investment cost without installing large-scale ultrapure water generation equipment as in a large-scale semiconductor mass production factory.

It is not only the electronic device industry that is having trouble with bubble countermeasures

This time, we introduced an application for removing bubbles on the substrate surface in the plating pretreatment rinsing process in semiconductors and electronic devices industries, however, the other industries must be having trouble with bubble countermeasures.

Customers will exist having a problem of removing air bubbles from high-viscosity liquids such as gelatin and collagen that is used in the product manufacturing processes. We believe that customers in new areas for Tosetz will be able to feel the effects of the degassing system.


What do you think?

The degassing system application is not limited to this, and can be used for various purposes. We would like to introduce another application example of the degassing system!

Click here if you are interested in the Tosetz’ Degassing System.


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