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"Livalley" to improve the cleaning effect of the ultrasonic cleaning process

Hello! I'm TZ of sales department.

Today, I would like to introduce the effect of our degassing system "Livalley" which is applied it in the manufacturing process of crystal oscillators of a certain general electronic component manufacturer.

We will conduct a demo evaluation on the customer's production line of the crystal oscillator, control the degassing of pure water to the amount of dissolved oxygen that maximizes the transmission efficiency of ultrasonic waves, greatly improve the cleaning effect and the yield. We were able to carry out expansion to customer’s other factories in Japan and overseas.

Are you also worried about "pure water cleaning with ultrasonic waves", "alkali cleaning with ultrasonic waves", and "photoresist stripping and cleaning with ultrasonic waves"?

In this article, we will introduce how to use "Livalley", which is effective for improving the cleaning effect of the ultrasonic cleaning process.

There is a peak point of energy transfer efficiency for each ultrasonic frequency. Control the concentration of dissolved oxygen that maintains maximum effect

There is an interesting relationship between ultrasonic and the quality of pure water used for cleaning process. Ultrasonic waves have peak points in energy transfer efficiency for each frequency, but the dissolved gas in pure water is a factor that causes energy transfer loss. Therefore, by applying our degassing system "Livalley" into the existing ultrasonic cleaning process, the dissolved oxygen concentration can be controlled to the optimum conditions according to the frequency used. The customer succeeded to greatly improve the cleaning efficiency.


What do you think?

The degassing system application is not limited to this, and can be used for various purposes. We would like to introduce another application example of the degassing system!

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