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We have improved the design and manufactured jigs for other companies’ plating tool

Hello! I'm TR of R&D department.

Currently, we are receiving a request from a foundry maker to manufacture various plating jigs for silicon wafers, glass wafers, single-sided plating / double-sided plating, electro plating / electroless plating, etc.

In this article, I would like to introduce a little about the contents, so please keep in touch.

Improved design, manufacture and maintenance of plating jigs for substrates

In the plating process for fine wiring and electrode formation of semiconductors and electronic parts, immersion type (dip type) plating equipment are often used for trial production, small-quantity production and some mass production processes. In the dip type plating tool, the product substrates are set on plating jigs and the jigs are transferred manually or automatically by robots. But if something goes wrong with the plating jig, it will directly affect the quality of the product.

Customers have a wide variety of substrate products. Whenever the specifications of your product change, you will need to change the specifications of the plating jig. We receive requests for design, manufacture, and maintenance of jigs for plating equipment made by other vendors as well as those made in-house.

When it is difficult to request the order to the supplier...

Even if a customer who was using other maker’s plating tool requested to order the jig to the maker, they were in trouble because the price and delivery date could not be matched. Under such circumstances, we got the order from the customer, we could deliver a plating jig that satisfies the customer's required specifications, budget, and delivery date.

We manufacture custom-made plating jigs for substrates from one unit.

We have engineers with abundant experience and knowledge in manufacturing plating jigs for substrates and the designers and purchasing departments work together to make full use of the connections with multiple reliable machining vendors. We strive every day to meet our customer’s desired specifications, costs, and delivery times.

Various conditions such as the substrate material and plating conditions, thickness, current density, power supply positions, fluctuation of plating solution flow on the substrate surface, and positioning accuracy, affect the plating film quality and film thickness variation. The coating may peel off, abnormal precipitation may occur due to the penetration of the plating solution into the electrode due to deterioration of the sealing or cracks may occur in the case of a thin substrate. In some cases, the tightening torque of the fixing screw is carefully managed so that it does not depend on the skill of the operator. Although such problems on plating jigs often occur, we will respond to a wide range of difficult customer requests.

We will make a custom order from one jig. Please feel free to contact us.


What do you think?

At Tosetz, process engineers with abundant experience in TSV, via filling, through holes, and patterned plating can collaborate with mechanical design engineers to make proposals including the design of plating jigs that satisfy process requirements. We respond to a wide range of requests from customers' research and development to mass production!

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