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We tried to make degassed milk!

Hello! I'm TZ of sales department.

Our degassing system "Livalley" has been used by many customers in the semiconductor and electronic component industries, but "reducing the dissolved oxygen concentration" is also useful for improving the quality of foods and beverages. Did you know that?

What kind of liquid food can lower the dissolved oxygen concentration? As a verification of the effect on food, I tried to degas milk with the degassing system "Livalley", so I will explain the effect as the second series of "We tried using the degassing system".

We tried to degas the milk!

Deoxygenated milk products are already on the market.

We also assume that the degassing process can reduce the deterioration of quality and the change in taste due to oxidation.

In order to confirm whether the dissolved oxygen contained in milk can really be removed, I conducted an experiment to remove the dissolved oxygen in milk using a degassing system.

As a result, the dissolved oxygen concentration dropped from the initial value of 20ppm to less than 5ppm after about 1 hour of degassing. It seems that our degassing system can also be used to degas liquid foods such as milk!

After that, the degassed milk was made into handmade cottage cheese and was very delicious!

(At my home, I sprinkled olive oil and lemon on the salad ... delicious)

Reduces dissolved oxygen in moisture and prevents product oxidation!

For processed foods and beverage products, it is essential to keep them fresh, to eat and drink them deliciously, and the packaging is such that the quality does not deteriorate even after long-term storage.

Oxygen in the air is one of the causes that detracts from the flavor of the product. Various antioxidants such as vitamin C and vitamin E are added depending on the type of food, and nitrogen is enclosed in the package. In a word, oxygen removal for preventing deterioration and maintaining deliciousness is the key to improving quality.

Thinking that way, don’t you think that the direct reduction of dissolved oxygen in liquid foods enables to reduce the addition of antioxidants, or extend the expiration date of the product?

"What if I degas this kind of thing?"

We tried to degas the milk this time, but if you have any questions about "What if I degas this kind of thing?", Please feel free to contact me!


What did you think?

Our degassing system allows you to degas dissolved gases from a variety of liquids such as food materials, beverages, chemicals, solvents and cosmetics. If you would like to try this, please contact us at the following!

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